3 Key business bookkeeping ratios to consider in the construction industry

As a team of CPAs, we fully understand the critical role that people in the construction industry play in shaping the physical world around us and the unique financial challenges that come with operating in this sector. In this blog, we seek to provide you with valuable insights and practical advice for successfully navigating the financial terrain. From optimizing project profitability to managing cash flow and understanding tax implications, let's work together to build a solid financial foundation for your construction efforts.


Every good builder should have a trusted CPA to help them optimize the costing and budgeting of their projects. By analyzing historical data and considering factors such as material costs, labor costs, and overhead, we can develop accurate estimates for your projects. Proper budgeting allows you to make informed decisions, avoid cost overruns and ensure healthy profit margins.


Project accounting is the cornerstone of financial management in the construction world. By implementing sound project accounting practices, we can track revenues and expenses on a project-by-project basis. This visibility allows us to identify potential problems early, address them proactively, and maintain transparency throughout the project lifecycle.


Treasury is the lifeblood of any construction company. We know that your projects often involve staggered payments and extended deadlines. As your team of experts, we'll work closely with you to manage these issues efficiently. By forecasting cash needs, optimizing billing, and streamlining collections, we can ensure that your operations remain financially sound, even during difficult periods.

At Core CPAs & Advisors, we are committed to supporting your success every step of the way. Together, we will optimize project profitability through effective costing and budgeting and ensure smooth cash management. Thanks to our partnership, your construction company will have a solid financial foundation, ready to take on ambitious projects and embrace a prosperous future.


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