Learn The Core Way and How Our Proven Accounting Process Works for Clients

At Core CPAs & Advisors, our greatest commitment is to be the trusted partner of our accounting clients during their wealth-building journey. We know that this type of management is not a one-time task, but a highly personal and dynamic process that evolves with your unique financial goals and circumstances, and that's why we do it The Core Way with our proven accounting process. 

Our #TeamOfExperts has worked on refining our processes, which expose the most important particularities of Core CPAs & Advisors and put them into practice with our clients, according to each of their needs - The Core Way. This #TeamOfTaxExperts is not here simply to offer financial services; we are here to forge a lasting relationship with you. We believe in walking alongside you, step by step, making sure you have the guidance and support you need every step of the way. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, we deeply understand your financial aspirations and concerns. 

The Core Way - Accounting Process: 
Step 1: First Meeting 

Approximately 30 minutes long, this is the first official meeting with the client. Our team meets with the client to briefly explain The Core Way and our work process. We also try to get to know our client a little bit better: their concerns, objectives, experience, etc. We tend to resolve initial doubts and decide to start the journey together. 

Step 2: Select your Path 

This is when the hardest work begins. We start focusing on the strategic objectives for the client, financial improvement, business strategies, and personal strategies and also review the legal implications that may exist so that everything is in perfect order. 

Step 3: Strategy and Growth Planning 

In this part of the process, we concentrate primarily on working on the financial statement, income taxes, personal and business strategies, polishing and reviewing the legal aspects of the procedure such as legal risks, business KPIs, retirement strategies (if necessary), and the client's investment plan. 

Step 4: Final Reviews 

In order for our team to ensure that the strategies worked on for the client are in order and continue to work (as well as to talk to the client about any concerns or questions they may have), a review is proposed every three months for a year. This helps to ensure the client's peace of mind and to adjust details as they arise over time. 

Our approach is based on customization. We don't offer stereotypical solutions but rather create a financial experience that is perfectly tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients. Through open communication and collaborative planning, we create a comprehensive financial roadmap that evolves as your life and financial landscape do. 

In a world increasingly filled with financial complexities and insecurities, Core CPAs & Advisors stands as your trusted partner, dedicated to helping you navigate the intricate terrain of wealth creation and maintenance. Our #TeamOfExperts is here to ensure that your financial journey is not only successful but also safe and enriching, providing you with the financial freedom and security you deserve.  


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