Payroll is important because of all the direct implications it has on a company's net income. They also relate to laws and regulations that the company is obliged to comply with with each of the workers.

What it is for?

Payroll is the payment or remuneration that a company must pay to its employees for the time they have been working for the company. The payment is usually made through direct deposits or checks. This is usually handled by the Human Resources department, or even by the owner of the company itself.

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About the event

By letting Core CPAs & Advisors process your payroll, you will be simplifying a series of services that can be complex and costly.

Instead, you can make the work easier for yourself and leave it in the hands of experts.

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Did you know?


We use the leading HR system ISOLVED which allows each client to have a unique and personalized experience with their assigned CPA.

Support by the team

This system allows full payroll transparency for both employers and employees so that they have the support of the entire Core CPAs & Advisors team.


Specialized reports

We create specialized reports for each client with a breakdown of each of the services performed including certified payroll.


Employee Self Service (ESS) allows your company's employees to manage some of the administrative and human resources tasks themselves. In other words, this represents a solution to some of the problems HR departments face.


A 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you are eligible for this type of plan, your employer contributes a portion of your cash compensation to the plan before taxes are withheld. Your contributions to your 401(k) plan and any investment income are tax-deferred.

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We train our specialists not just in technical audit and tax matters but also in issues specific to our clients organizations.
By diving deep into each industry, we bring more contextual understanding to each engagement.

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