Tax code is like a big ocean. Let Core CPAS & Advisors navigate you to the best course.

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Who is Core CPAs?

We are more than an accounting firm. Our values drive all aspects of our decision making that contribute to your financial success.
Core CPAs, a fully certified public accounting firm specializing in accounting, tax strategies and management consulting.

Our forte, recognizing the unique needs of each client and we tailor all of our services to solve each company's specific financial situations.

We believe that the people on our team are the most important part of any business.

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Meet the team

Firm with over 30 years with experience in the field of accounting.

Our priority is the success of your business.
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Where can we help?

Our expert team of CPAs will help you with your specific business service needs, whether it is accounting, bookkeeping, payroll or taxes.

We focus on maximizing your or your company's after-tax expenses with proactive tax strategies.

Our team specializes in federal, state, and local tax returns, designing solutions and advices for each one of our clients.

We develop a strategic tax plan customized to each client´s needs in order to achieve maximum tax reduction.

Our expertise becomes strategic points for others. We review the strengths and weaknesses of the key activities of our clients growth.

We offer comprehensive accounting services that keep your company up-to-date and in good standing with all involved stakeholders.

We provide thorough bookkeeping services to keep your company up-to-date and in compliance with all reporting requirements, policies, and respective agencies.

We ensure that your employees are being paid properly and that you satisfy your payroll obligations through the use of our custom payroll processing options.

Let one of our experts assist you in preparing your business tax return or in completing your tax payments.

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Industries we deal with

Thanks to our team of expert accountants, you can be sure that your objectives will always be our priority.
Knowing these objectives, we can offer you the most optimal solutions for each situation.

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Our values

In the delivery of our services and in our interaction with all our clients, we remain committed to the following core values, without which we would not be able to deliver the excellent results we desire.

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Core CPAs helped me identify a rare seasonal gap in our Week-over-Week reporting that helped increase revenue by 27%.

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