Taxes are mandatory payments imposed by a government on individuals or businesses, whether at the local, regional, or national level.

These charges finance various public services and programs, such as infrastructure development, education, health, defense, and social welfare. If we look at taxes from an accounting standpoint, there are several taxes to keep in mind, such as payroll taxes, federal and state income taxes, and sales taxes.


What do taxes mean?

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  1. Income Tax: A portion of earned income that is ceded to the state or federal government in the form of a percentage.
  2. Payroll Tax: This is a portion deducted from an employee’s earnings by the employer, remitted to the government on behalf of the employee to support Medicare and Social Security initiatives.
  3. Sales Tax: Indirect taxes levied on certain goods and services, the rates of which vary according to the jurisdiction or geographic area in which they are applied.
  4. Property Tax: These are based on land and real estate asset values.
  5. Estate Tax: The percentage imposed on the fair market value (FMV) of the assets within an individual’s estate at the time of death.
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