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We are more than an accounting firm. Our values drive all aspects of our decision-making that contribute to the financial success of our clients.

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All numbers say it all...


Thanks to the trust they place in us, our clients know they are in the best hands.


We recognize the value of every employee at Core CPAs & Advisors because we know that without a strong and stable team, the optimal results would not be possible.


We know the needs that our clients have since our attention is 100% personalized. Therefore, we are the most reliable and secure accounting company.

What do I need to be a Core CPAs & Advisors partner?

Get to know the qualities, values, and talents that our employees possess.

This creates an excellent work environment, allowing each one of them to achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives.


Our CPAs are required to be able to independently assist clients and solve problems. However, with the way our firm is structured, you will be able to ask for professional guidance from senior CPAs while maintaining independent responsibility over the matter.

Superior Tax Skills

The main part of this job is to take care of our clients’ taxes. Naturally, the CPA is required to have a high-level knowledge of tax preparation, planning, research and problem solving.

Communication Skills

This job instills a lot of communication, both with the client, and possibly with tax entities. Because of this, we require that our team members have exceptional written and spoken communication abilities to be able to easily and fulidly solve problems.

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Client care coordinator

We are looking for a teammate that can embody our core values: integrity, trust, team, excellence, service, and loyalty.

Tax Accountant Instructor

We are looking for a part-time top-level Tax Accountant Instructor that demonstrate experience in the accounting and tax areas.

Tax Manager

You will manage an elite team of Senior and Staff Tax Accountants in the areas of Tax preparation, planning, strategies, and advisory services.

Senior Tax Accountant

A thorough background check will be conducted, including and not limited to fingerprinting as part of the interview process.

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