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Why Irvine?

Irvine, part of Orange County, is one of the safest cities in the United States, with low crime rates. With several prestigious university campuses, it is the perfect destination for young people and students from all over the country, making it full of invigorating energy and a relaxed atmosphere. With its Mediterranean climate, it is considered a city with warm seasons and few days with extreme weather. That is why at Core CPAs & Advisors we think of this beautiful city as the home of our team.

About Individual Tax Preparation

Individual tax preparation involves methodically gathering and organizing your financial information while completing the necessary forms and documentation crucial to filing your income tax return with the government. This encompasses the preparation of federal, state or local tax returns.

The scope of a tax preparer's duties varies depending on his or her qualifications and whether or not he or she has representation rights. Simply put, tax preparers have a dual responsibility: to serve the interests of their clients and to be accountable to the IRS.

At Core CPAs & Advisors we are the industry staple you need during your tax preparation. We are ready to take this process and be the guide you need toward excellence and security.

Ready to embark on your financial journey with the guidance of our expert tax team? Contact our offices today to get the process started right away! The entire team at Core CPAs & Advisors is excited to collaborate with individuals residing in the captivating city of Irvine.


Calling all Irvine residents looking for top-notch financial guidance! Look no further, Core CPAs & Advisors is your best choice for individual tax preparation. Our roots in Irvine run deep, and we take great pride in calling this vibrant community home. It’s not just about providing services, it’s about creating a lasting impact.

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