Small Business Taxes

Let one of our experts assist you in preparing your business tax return or in completing your tax payments.

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Tax Services for Business

We are able to assist your business in preparing its business tax return or in completing its tax payments.

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Our tax services for small businesses include:

  • Tax preparation for income tax return
  • Tax planning for reducing your tax liability
  • Assisting and resolving IRS tax problems
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Tax Preparation for Business

Let one of our CPAs help your business prepare its taxes, maximize its refunds, and complete the filing process.

Electronic Tax Submission

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Let us assist your business with filing its taxes electronically, removing the need to waste additional time driving to the IRS offices and warranging unnecessary contact and time spent waiting in line to get your tax returns filed.

Professional Tax Preparation Software

Allow our software to double-check your’s business’s tax return so that you can limit potential encounters with the IRS.

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Limit Future Tax Liability

Core_CPAs - small business taxes

We’ll provide your business with commonly overlooked deductions in order to limit its tax liability for the upcoming year.

Bookkeeping Assistance

We’ll provide your business with bookkeeping assistance through the preparation of its bookkeeping for the year and by completing a full Schedule C along with income tax return.

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Ready For Higher Tax Returns?
Work with one of our CPAs today in order to receive the highest tax return possible.

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Tax Planning for Business

Allow us to assist your business in minimizing both its current and future tax liabilities.

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Income Splitting

Splitting the income among legal entities enables your business to have more of its income taxed in the lower bracket

Shifting Funds

Moving expensese or income from one year to another prevents them from being taxed with a higher rate.

Core_CPAs - small business taxes
Core_CPAs - small business taxes

Postpone Liabilities

Using investment choices such as pension plans or contributions enables your business to defer tax liabilities.

Tax-Exempt Income

Certain invesments produce income that is tax-exempt from legal and/or federal taxing entities.

Core_CPAs - small business taxes
Core_CPAs - small business taxes

Tax Deductions

Find tax deductions through structuring your company’s money differently.


Need More Information On Our Tax Services?

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