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John P Gonzalez CPA

John P. Gonzalez

Managing Tax Partner

John is the Founder for Core CPAs & Advisors, and Manages the Tax Operations for the Firm. Thanks to his specialized education and his knowledge of tax code, John is able to explain and create complex strategies when planning future tax returns. His genuine enthusiasm for tax matters is transmitted to all his clients, gaining their confidence in the field.

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John Wallace

Chief-of-Staff/HR Manager

After starting his HR and Administration career in the Marine Corps, and graduating from the University of Miami with a Master’s in Public Administration, John knows leadership is best set by example. He has invested his career in helping his team become the very best they can be in the pursuit of their passion. He enjoys the study of business and the law.

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Rosa Mancilla

Accounting Manager

With vast experience in the governmental field, Rosa has undisputed expertise in accounting and auditing management. Her specialty is in the preparation of financial reports for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Currently two of our accounting teams are under her direction.


Karina Viramontes

Senior Tax Accountant

It takes a knack for dealing with clients in the accounting area, and Karina is the ideal person for the job. She understands each of her clients' businesses and helps them structure and strategize their taxes. She is a clear example that perseverance and focus are the keys to getting where you want to go.


Stanley Joe Zhou

Senior Tax Accountant

Passionate about tax and law, Stanley is recognized for his vast experience in the accounting industry and for providing quick and efficient solutions in matters related to income tax, payroll taxes and sales taxes, thus gaining the trust of both the internal team and the clients themselves.

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Melina Cao

Staff Tax Accountant

Accounting is not only Melina's profession but also her passion, as she enjoys empowering small businesses with tax knowledge. She has extensive experience in benefits administration, our expert is clear that excellence is achieved by giving her personal touch to each of her clients' cases.


Ed Kim

Staff Tax Accountant

He is one of our team of experts who has a knack for creating lasting relationships with clients by providing knowledge about their tax returns. Ed has built a career in accounting to admire. He specializes in S-Corps, Individuals, C-Corps, and Partnership matters.


Rodrigo Castillo

Staff Tax Accountant

Rodrigo is detail-oriented and embraces meeting the tax and accounting need of his clients. The passion he has for personalized attention is contagious to everyone in the team, as well as the enthusiasm in building strong long-lasting relationships with the clients.


Carolina Ruvalcaba

Staff Tax Accountant

With a bachelor’s degree in business, Carolina’s biggest passion is in the field of accounting and taxation, and she demonstrates it when it comes to customer service, tax returns, and creative problem solving. She is one of the best examples that hard work pays off.


Jaqueline Tran

Staff Tax Accountant

Organization and attention to detail are the two keys to understanding Jacqueline's work, which shows a true passion for recording and managing the flow of client files, facilitating the process for everyone. With strong customer service skills, she has proven to be one of our most valuable team members


Prai Harris

Staff Tax Accountant

Knowing the value of good communication and punctuality is crucial to our Tax Associate. She has vast experience in the service industry, so she knows how to provide the best possible attention to each of her clients. She is constantly learning new accounting techniques and protocols that can help her in her work.

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Joselin Ayala

Client Care Coordinator

As Client Care Coordinator, Joselin serves as a bridge between the Core CPAs & Advisors team and the clients, so she has earned the trust and respect of both parties. She also provides administrative support to our Team of Tax Experts and maintains a detailed organization of her work, enjoying every part of her job that relates to customer service.


Mirella Lopez

Client Care Coordinator

As a Client Care Coordinator, Mirella understands how crucial it is to deal with clients, as she understands their needs better than anyone else and seeks to solve them in the optimal way. She provides administrative support to the Team of Tax Experts and her passion for tax compliance is growing.


Caroline Richardson

Client Representative

Caroline is the clear example that when passion and talent come together in a single activity, incredible things can happen. She has the expertise for customer service and providing the best customer experience throughout the entire process that each client requires. She manages to build quality relationships with each prospect and then convert them into real clients.

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Ximena De La Fuente Garcia

Executive Assistant

Ximena's expertise in economic matters makes her one of our most reliable team members. Her experience working for government departments makes her the most qualified candidate for executive and staff management positions.

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The team at Core CPAs treat my finances like their own. I implicitly trust their expertise when we talk financial strategy.

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