Who are we?

We are a fully certified public accounting firm specializing in tax strategies, management consulting, and accounting services. With over 2,400 clients, we are present in 7 countries and collaborate with 930 companies worldwide.

We recognize the unique needs of each client and tailor all of our services to solve each company's specific financial problems. At Core CPAs & Advisors we believe that our team members are a crucial part of the company, and it is thanks to this that we ensure stability and commitment to our clients, driving and guiding them towards their goals.

Firm profile

Our success depends largely on our dedication to upholding our core values and adhering to our mission and vision at all times. These values drive all aspects of decision-making that contribute to your company's success. Because our #TeamOfExperts is aligned with our company values, we can help you achieve your accounting goals.

Our Values

Customer Service Experience 



Teamwork oriented


Customer Service Experience 

We prioritize ensuring that our clients receive personalized service throughout their journey with us.



We build trust through transparency and reliability in all our interactions with clients.


Our commitment to ethical practices and honesty guides every decision.


We support our clients through challenges and successes.

Teamwork oriented

Collaboration is at the core of our approach, as we work together internally and with clients.


We communicate with the truth, ensuring clarity and integrity in all aspects of our services.


We strive for high-quality solutions and exceed expectations.


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